About Your Order

Q1: Hi,sir,did you get my money or send the item out? Q2: Sir,could you offer me a number to track my item? Q3: To whom it is concerned,I still did not get it within 14 days,then how can you help me? Q4: Sir,I have some issues with my account and can I pay you in several days later? Q5: I got the item finally but found it defetive,then How can I handle? Q6: Hi, I want to buy 2 items and can you send them together? Q7: I have not the paypal account,can I pay it with money order? Q8: sir,is your product original or OEM? Q9: I want to change our address because the one I offer actually is not the ideal I like.and how to do it? Q10: I can not pay you because your account is refused.