[Update Notice] OBDSTAR X300DP Tablet Add BMW FEM/BDC Key Programmer & MQB KM Function

OBDSTAR X300DP BMW FEM/BDC Key Programming Free Update on Jan 17th, 2018

1.Key Programming
●Key Information
●Key Programming Preprocessing
Step 1: Code data backup
Step 2: EEPROM Original Data Backup
Step3: Service Mode Data Generation
Step 4:Service Mode Writing
Step 5: FEM/BDC Module Programming
Step 6: EEPROM Original Data Recovering
Step 7: Code Data Recovering
●Key Adding 
●Key Delecting
●Function Introduction
● Operation Guide
2. Other Function
● Key enable
● Key disable
● Key status
●Key frequency
●INS reading
●DTC reading
●DTC delecting

BMW FEM/BDC key Programming Supported list:
Series    Chassis    Year
1    F20/F21    2011-2017
2    F22/F23/F45/F46    2014-2017
3/GT    F34/F35    2012-2017
4    F30/F31/F32/F33/F36    2014-2017
X5    F15    2014-2017
X6    F16    2014-2017

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