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Original  V4.6.7 Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer

Original V4.6.7 Xhorse VVDI PROG Programmer

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  by Mr. Дмитрий Бирюков   Feb 7, 2017
35080vp not erase
Reply #1 by karen   Feb 7, 2017
Hello Friend,

Can you show us the process how you erase the 35080vp, kindly take pictures and send to our email, thanks.

Best regards

  by Mr.DARIO   Jan 15, 2017
hello to you I am happy with the instrument and perfect. in the future you can insert the test point x reading body compiter fiat processor nec and motorola. It would be the maximum n1. THANK YOU.
Reply #1 by karen   Jan 15, 2017
Hello Friend,

Thanks for your feedback, have a nice day.

  by Nesta chanda   Sep 9, 2016
Buy VVDI-Prog programmer, get free BMW ISN read function
Still waiting to get free BMW ISN read function
Reply #1 by karen   Sep 13, 2016

VVDI Prog has the function already, no need to get again for you. It can support part of BMW ECU only.

Best regards

  by Mr.Nesta Chanda   Aug 31, 2016
Still waiting for help about my Vvdi prog, I have updated the new version but vvdi prog can't read 3L40k mcu
Reply #1 by karen   Aug 31, 2016
Hello Friend,

Which version of VVDI Pro sofware did you use please? Can you show us by pictures how you connect to the mcu?

Best regards

  by Mr.Nesta Chanda   Aug 28, 2016
Can VVDI prog reading 2006 SMART fofour Bsi mode
Reply #1 by karen   Aug 28, 2016
Hello Mr.Nesta,

Can you advise the chip model of your car, then we can confirm for you.

Best regards

  by Mr.Pundravac   Jan 16, 2016
Are someone try to read 28f400 flash from volvo cem with this device?
Is there some adapter in package or its read by soldering wires on board?
Reply #1 by Cindy   Jan 17, 2016

We have not tested it for your first question. for you second question, it depend on the function and the car you choose, some need soldering,if you  buy, you can operate according to the user manual on the CD

Best regards

  by David a   Nov 4, 2015
Hi can I buy just the programmer or it's have to work with vvdi2 machine ?
It is open to read cas4 , cas4+ , Porsche or its payable option?
Reply #1 by karen   Nov 4, 2015
Hello David,

Glad to receive your inquiry.

VVDI PROG is a programmer which can read part of CAS4 CAS4+, and part of Porsche chips too. No need to work together with VVDI2, and no need to pay extra money for it either. Please be noted.

Best regards

  by Mr.MARTYN ELLIS   Sep 27, 2015
i have 8 cas 4 with 5m48h in my possesion and this will not unlock any of them to read ,always get chip error 22

i have another xep100 programmer that cost more that reads & writes each one perfectly
can you find out what chip error 22 is thanks martyn
Reply #1 by karen   Sep 27, 2015
Hi Friend,

Can I have your order number on our website first please? As I didn't find any record by searching your email address.

Please also provide us error picture, then engineer can check the details directly, thanks.

Best regards